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Top Ways for Agents to Show Love to a Real Estate Photographer

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to express love and appreciation to those around you. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of the best real estate agents around! They value our partnership and it shows up in so many ways. It is through those partnerships that I’ve been able to outlined several tips to help agents create a positive, productive partnership and today, I want to share them with you! If you're looking for a way to make a real estate photographer's heart grow with gratitude, keep reading!


Help your seller prep and know what to expect

Giving your seller the specifics about their photo session helps them to prepare the home and allot enough time for the ordered services. Nobody likes surprises that cost them extra time in a real estate transaction. If the homeowner is expecting the photo session to take 45 minutes but you’ve ordered photos, a 360 virtual tour and a floor plan, you or your photographer will most likely have to explain why the session is taking so long. This scenario can be pretty frustrating for the homeowner. A prepared homeowner will help you and your real estate photographer stay moving and on schedule.


Schedule other services prior to photos

Your photographer can do their best work if they don’t have to maneuver around cleaners, the plumber or other professionals who are prepping your listing. Even landscapers and yard maintenance professionals who are working outside can hinder the process. Our professional cameras capture everything - including the scenery outside a window. Schedule your photography session when there are no other services being completed and make sure there’s extra time built in so that if a service runs over, it doesn’t interfere with your photography session.


Trust them on their recommendations for your listing

Savvy real estate photographers and media creators have honed their marketing skills and follow industry

trends to know what media works best to market a certain home. You can trust a skilled real estate photographer to suggest real estate media options that would work best for your specific listing. Let their expertise work for you! It can make a big difference in your marketing efforts and ultimately, the property sale.


Stage your listings

Ask any real estate photographer what makes them smile when they walk in to photograph a home and I’ll bet having the home staged will be at the top of their list! Staged homes bring a lot of value to your marketing efforts. When your photographer arrives to capture a home that’s been staged, chances are they’re going to spend time not only capturing the home’s overall space and flow but also the details that draw attention from a potential buyer. Skilled real estate photographers are experts at choosing compositions and angles that show a home’s best features. Staging complements this expertise. Staging allows your photographer to create scenes in their photography and stir emotions well before buyers arrive at a showing or open house. Now, photographers know that every home won't be professionally staged but being strategic about when to use this service can truly elevate your real estate business. Want to see what I’m talking about up close? Browse the work of our friends at First Impression Staging. They are experts at selecting the perfect colors, patterns and decor to help buyers envision living in a space.


Verify the home is ready to be photographed before your photo session

This is time-saving and worthwhile habit. You’ve discussed the photo prep list with your sellers multiple times, you’ve answered their questions about what to keep and what to remove, you’ve even texted them reminders. You’ve done All. The. Things. but have you actually seen the property to make sure it’s picture perfect? This key step may be tempting to let slide but since there’s limited opportunity to help a property look its best, it’s a step you don’t want to overlook. When your photographer walks into a home that’s ready on photo day, it makes the process easier for you, your photographer and the seller!


Tag them when you post their media in social media

Everyone loves a little recognition! Tag your real estate media pro when you share those high quality photos or that amazing new video on social media. Viewers get to see that you value working with professionals to market your listings and your real estate photographer will beam with joy when they receive the notification that they’ve been tagged by you.


Send them feedback

If you have a photographer who has committed to helping you reach your real estate goals, you can probably guarantee that they want to hear feedback from you. Did their recent photos wow the sellers? Did the media they suggested help you reach audiences beyond your local market? Were you able to be prepared/use previous listing photos to help you at a listing consultation? Your photographer wants to hear all of that! If you have feedback on ways they can help serve you better, have a discussion about that too. Your photographer wants to serve you the best way they can. If you don’t share information that helps them with that, it could be hindering your business. Feedback after every photo session isn’t necessary however, communicating your appreciation, positive reviews and improvement opportunities will be a win-win for you both.

Working with talented agents is essential to my success, and I feel grateful to have such fantastic partners. These seven small gestures can go a long way in creating a positive, productive partnership. I hope to have provided you with some insight on how you can make your real estate photographer’s heart a little happier!

Happy listing!



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